BOFH - 1996

Who can forget 1996? Were big sweaters really a thing?

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In this, the 1996 series of BOFH episodes I have endeavoured to uncover the artist's feeling of wonder, juxaposed with the smell of a really good helping of peanut butter on toast. Whilst the uncultured reader will fail to appreciate a really good slice of toasted gluten topped with the raw goodness of peanuts, oil and salt the more refined reader will be heading to the toaster right now to sort themselves out some carb and protien goodness to tide their low blood sugar over until the next meal.

Is the artist trying to counterpoint man's inhumanity to man or is this just an allegory against the true form of 20th worship - Moore's Law. We may never know. Or we might know but not tell anyone. Perhaps there will be some future sect whose total devotion is the explanation of the hidden concepts within this paragraph. (There are none, stop looking). We can but hope.

This should not stop you sending me money though.

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