BOFH - 1999

1999 - like the British Space TV Program.

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In this, the 1999 series of the Bastard Operator From Hell we ask the question - is philosphy a real science? And if so, is this a second question? And if that is a question then surely this sentence is too and why did we use the singular form of question in the first sentence? And if all these questions are we in danger of recursing ourselves into a black hole? If so, will it really matter if consciousness is by its very nature a subjective lie? And we're back to philosophy again and the endless navel gazing that will come as a result.

The next question after all that is: Is this a load of rubbish that I will re-edit at a later date to put something with more substance into. Quite possibly, as I'm in a hurry to get this site up and running so that you can send me some money. So I can retire - and spend my time navel gazing an re-editing these documents. Your call.

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