2000! WE MADE IT!!!!

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No-one died. Even though our Y2K coordinator told us how all our cars wouldn't start, all the Nukes would be launched and Joe Dolce would release another single (the final sign of the apocalypse) we made it past 1-Jan-2000 00:00. But still the co-ordinators eked out another year's worth of pointless existance by claiming that some problems were yet to come to light. Ngggaaaaaarg!

My 4 finger typing was getting better but my handwriting was deteriorating to Doctor-Prescription level. I spent far too much time playing Medal of Honor and various other FPS on ailing personal hardware. Or my work machine. Mainly my work machine. Especially on friday afternoons. It was a full three years before Enemy Territory was released - a game I still play to this day. (True Story). And I would like to take a moment to thank those great folk who have slaved in the background and ET: Legacy for keeping this game running!

Life was still good.

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